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How to Recognize the Symptoms of Depression?



Depression may come to everyone when they think that their problems are not solved yet. Someone with depression may be seen from looking unwell from more than two weeks. This feeling may also happen to the teenagers when they feel down.


Teenagers are the ones who can be easily depressed when they cannot cope with the problem. For the parents, it is important to know about the symptoms of depression. Hence, you may recognize your children whether they are stressed out or not when they feel sad for days. The one with depression can be seen from his behavior and feeling.

The first thing that you may find that your children have depression is exactly about over sadness. Once you find your children look sad for at least in two weeks, you must be careful. It can also be seen from the verbal action that your children show to you that you think it is unusual.


When your children always keep their room locked after school and keep in silent when you talk to them, it may indicate that your children have depression. Someone with depression will stay silent during the days and tend to stay away from the family and friends.

The last one, someone with depression may be seen from his feeling. When their silence comes with their sadness, you may conclude that your children have depression.


The one with depression usually cannot hide his expression of sadness. He will always feel unconfident and blame himself of anything that happens to him.


Furthermore, they may feel very hopeless as nothing can solve their problems. Thus, you need to be sensible as the parents when you find your children feel so unusual. It is because your children may have depression which may get worse when you cannot recognize their feeling.