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How to Overcome Social Anxiety to Raise Self-Confidence



Social anxiety is a feeling of fear to have interaction with other people. It is also the fear of being judged negatively, humiliated, evaluated and judged by the people. The person with social anxiety will always feel afraid once he faces the public. There will be feeling of nervous, quick heartbeat and even cold sweating when he joins with the people.


Furthermore, the person with social anxiety disorder can’t help shyness and discomfort to meet new people, especially strangers. It is known that social anxiety disorder comes since the person was born.


Moreover, those who used to rarely interact to the other people since they were kids tend to have big risk of having social anxiety. On the other hand, this kind of fear should be changed as social anxiety makes that person difficult to have self-development and self-esteem.


There are some ways of how to overcome social anxiety to get self-confidence to face the public.


  • Having A Therapy


Social anxiety deals with strong feeling that someone has since he was born. Therefore, it should be healed step by step. Therapy is the best choice as the first step to overcome social anxiety disorder. The therapy that should be taken by the social anxiety sufferer is cognitive therapy. It deals with suggestion in mind to take away the fear of socializing. It is good to have a routine therapy to make someone get confident of him. Someone who has social anxiety can mingle with the society step by step.


  • Controlling Emotion


Someone who has social anxiety is hard to control the emotion when he faces the public. For the suggestion, it is good to control the emotion when you have to speak in front of the people. Take a deep breath before you speak is important. Make your feeling and mind relaxed in seconds and you can start to speak slowly. Social anxiety sufferer who wants to change himself should have strong willingness. Suggestion is the best medicine for this disorder. Social anxiety sufferer should also have supports from his surroundings, especially the family and friends. They should build positive suggestion to the social anxiety sufferer so that he can learn to face the public.


  • Challenging Your Own Self


The one with social anxiety disorder should challenge himself. It is good for those who want to lose the fear of socializing. However, it should come from you that you can change yourself to be more confident to face the public. You can involve yourself in the social event that is hold in your surroundings, like joining a voluntary program. In social event, there will be soft skill as people will work in group so it is good for you to mingle with them as your first step to lose your social anxiety.

As a result, social anxiety can be overcome as long as someone has a deep strength to change himself to be better. Beside, those ways may be the guidance for you to raise your self confidence to socialize with the people.