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The Importance to Educate Teen to Do a Correct Diet Program



Teenage is known as the transition period from being kids to adult. It is the same as the children period; teenagers will learn new things from their surroundings rapidly. Even, they tend to imitate what they think it is good to do.


Nowadays, diet is not only about the healthy lifestyle, but also about the trend. Diet is not only done by adults, but also the teenagers right now, especially for the teenage girls.


They may imitate the diet from the television or from the famous ones who have good body shape from diet, like the Victoria’s Secret model that becomes women’s ideal body.

In this case, the role of parents is needed when their grown –up little girls take a diet to lose weight.


However, most of the teenage girls only know that diet is to lose the weight. Hence, in this case, parents need to educate teen to do a correct diet program. What should be known is that diet does not mean you do not take anything to your body.


Always remember that your body still needs nutrition from the food you eat. What you should do on diet is you need to reduce the calories from the food you eat.

It is known that teenager is in the growth period which means that their height and weight still can be increased. Before having the diet program, it is good to count the ideal body of your teenage daughter.


Then, you may tell her that she needs to gain the exact weight to reach ideal body. It is good to tell her about a good diet. As her parents, you may help them by make her healthy diet menu and give a diet portion. You need to tell that during the diet she is not allowed to have junk food and any oily foods and sugar.


A correct diet is a program that still can make the body healthy without feeling weak or hungry. One the other hand, you can also introduce your daughter what diet program is good for her.  Then, the rest let her select the one that she wants to do. Thus, your little daughter still can be healthy as she still takes the nutrition from the food that she eats.


Correct diet program will also lead her to have healthy lifestyle that she can bring when she grows up to be an adult later on.