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The Ways to Help Teens Avoid Over Weight Issue with HCG


Nowadays, obesity has been a big trouble among the society, including the teenagers. It is bad for the teenagers that have overweight body. It is because overweight body will influence their confidence in front of their surroundings, especially their friends. In this case, it is good to help teens avoid over weight with HCG.


HCG is now a popular diet method that is good for anyone. It is also good for the teenagers who want to lose many pounds on their body. HCG diet works well on the metabolism to make people have don’t-want-to-eat feeling during the diet. HCG may be done in two ways depends on the desire of the teenagers, they by having an injection or having homeopathic products.


They can choose only the best the best HCG which is safe and provens. Actually, the one which is legalized by FDA is getting an injection only. Hence, injection is the best way to go with your HCG diet. As it is reported, during the HCG diet, someone will take in 600 calories to his or her body. It will last for eight days as they start the diet. During HCG diet, the only thing that they have to do is controlling their diet. Here are the things that they have to deal with during their diet.


  • Meal Time


For those who are in HCG diet, including the teenagers, they will have only two meal times, they are lunch and dinner. For the breakfast, they can only sipping some coffee or tea during the diet. They are not allowed to consume any food containing fat or carbohydrate, but they need to have more protein instead. Don’t worry, as the metabolism of the body will not make those who are in HCG diet feel exhausted or weak to do lots of activities every day.


  • Consuming more Protein for the Body


When someone has HCG diet, big source of nutrient that he or she takes in to his or her body is protein. It replaces the role of carbohydrate and fat in his or her body. Hence, he or she needs to consume food that contains high protein to your body. Actually, the one who is in HCG diet can eat meats, like beef, chicken breast, and white flesh of fish. In the cooking process, it is not allowed for those who are in HCG diet to fry the food, but they need to grill or roast the food that they eat. Hence, they will have roasted chicken breast or grilled beef for lunch or dinner.


  • No Oils, Salt and Sugar


These three things are big deals for the teenager in avoiding overweight body. It might be hard for them not to have oils, salt and sugar during the diet. Those who are in HCG diet are strictly not allowed to have those three things as they contain a lot of calories. Hence, no candies, junk food, chips or even sugar for eight days of diet. However, those who break the rule should start the diet from the beginning as it is considered as failed diet. For your information, those who are in diet may replace the sugar with corn syrup as it is low calories and healthier for the body.


  • Eat Fruits and Vegetables More


It is known that any diet program suggest to eat as many as fruits or vegetables. It is the same as in the HCG diet. However, people who are in diet should know what fruits good for diet are. They are such as, berries fruits, pineapple, apple, grapes and orange. Those fruits are recommended for HCG diet. Then, for the vegetables, almost all vegetables are good for diet, such as, spinach, beets, tomato, and lettuce and so on.


Those are things that teenagers should do when they have HCG diet. Eight days will be so easy to do when they see the result. HCG diet has been proven by the people as it really works on losing weight. It is safe and good for the teenagers as they can get the confidence back by having a good body shape. Thus, HCG diet can be considered as the recommended diet for the teenager to help them avoid the obesity that may break their confidence and cause disease.